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Speech Therapy

Jessie Blois Speech & Myofunctional Therapy specializes in treating speech sound disorders and myofunctional disorders, which are often interconnected. We provide speech evaluations and therapy for children, teens, and adults.

Speech Evaluations for All Ages

We will begin with a comprehensive speech evaluation to identify specific sounds and sound patterns that need to be addressed in therapy. This process will allow us to determine the nature of the speech sound disorder - whether articulation based, myofunctional, or phonological - and design a treatment plan to help. Our evaluation process typically includes the following:

  • A client or caregiver interview

  • An oral mechanism exam

  • A standardized speech sound assessment

  • Informal testing measures

A written report will be provided after the evaluation, including our findings, recommendations, and speech therapy goals. 

Child with a speech delay in speech therapy
Jessie Blois, M.S., CCC-SLP, QOM, speech therapist and qualified orofacial myologist in Los Angeles, CA

Jessie's Approach to Speech Therapy

Jessie takes the time to build trust with our clients and design sessions that are motivating, interactive, and enjoyable. Her goal is to get as much practice and instruction into each session as possible while educating clients or caregivers to support speech at home for quicker progress. Home programming activities will be sent home each week for daily practice. Consistent home practice is essential for therapy to be effective and for speech sound goals to be achieved. 

Signs of a Speech Disorder

Speech sound challenges can impact individuals of all ages, and persistent errors can indicate an underlying myofunctional disorder. Some common signs of a speech sound disorder include:

  • Limited speech sound inventory

  • Consonant distortions (e.g., a lisp)

  • Substituting one sound for another sound

  • Sound error patterns (e.g., leaving the last sound off of words)

  • Speech that is difficult to understand

Benefits of Speech Therapy

Speech therapy uses evidence-based approaches to help individuals of all ages communicate clearly. Our sessions are designed to help you or your child:

  • Produce all speech sounds accurately

  • Speak intelligibly so that others understand 

  • Improve reading and spelling skills (if needed)

  • Reduce frustration and self-consciousness 

  • Communicate confidently 

Get Started Today


Jessie Blois Speech & Myofunctional Therapy is currently accepting speech therapy and myofunctional therapy clients. We treat children, teens, and adults in our Westlake Village clinic and online.

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