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Myofunctional Therapy

Holistically identifying & treating the root cause of speech & orofacial myofunctional disorders in
children, teens, & adults. 


What is Myofunctional Therapy?

Orofacial myofunctional therapy is an evidence-based treatment approach that is based on supporting the underlying skills needed for breathing, speaking, swallowing, and sleeping. ​


Orofacial myofunctional therapy is provided by me, Jessie Blois, a speech therapist and qualified orofacial myologist with over 15 years of experience treating individuals of all ages. I have advanced training and courses in orofacial myology, PROMPT, Talk Tools, TOTS, the SOS Approach to Feeding, and other evidence-based therapy programs to help my clients thrive. 

At Jessie Blois Speech & Myofunctional Therapy, I take a collaborative approach to therapy by treating alongside caregivers, doctors, dentists, and other medical professionals to achieve the best health outcomes!

Signs and Symptoms of a Myofunctional Disorder

Orofacial myofunctional disorders (OMDs) can affect people of all ages. Some common signs and symptoms include: 

  • Mouth breathing and open bite

  • Tongue thrusts and lisps

  • Persistent speech sound disorders

  • Improper swallowing patterns 

  • Snoring and sleep issues

  • Jaw, neck, or facial tension

  • Tongue and lip ties 

  • Orthodontic problems

Child with orthodontic problems needing myofunctional therapy to treat OMD
Child who receives myofunctional therapy for a speech sound disorder

How Myofunctional Therapy Can Help

Breathing is the hallmark of health and acts as a foundation for better sleep, focus, energy, health, speech, and quality of life. Myofunctional therapy establishes new and improved oral muscle patterns to help you or your child:

  • Improve nasal breathing and tongue posture

  • Remediate stubborn speech sound disorders

  • Alleviate jaw pain, neck tension, and facial tightness

  • Reduce thumb sucking, fingernail biting, pacifier use, and other oral habits

  • Experience more restful and restorative sleep

  • Support orthodontic development or corrective treatment


We will begin with an evaluation to identify the root cause of your problems or concerns. This process guides the approach to treatment, ensuring that I am addressing all underlying challenges. The evaluation also reveals whether other professionals (dentists, orthodontists, ENTs) need to be added to the treatment team. 

Our Approach

I take a collaborative approach to treating myofunctional disorders. My goal is to work alongside clients, caregivers, and other professionals to support optimal speech, breathing, sleep, and swallowing patterns. All weekly sessions are supplemented with home practice activities to promote daily progress toward goals.


Therapy sessions are upbeat, positive, and motivating. When needed, games and sensory activities are incorporated to promote engagement and learning. Family members are always welcome to join in on sessions to observe and learn helpful strategies to support successful home practice.

signs and symptoms
evals and tx

Jessie is very knowledgeable in Speech Pathology, yet talks to me mom-to-mom, which I so appreciate.

"We are so glad we found Jessie! After trying several other Speech Therapists, we were feeling frustrated and a bit lost. Our son is 4, & I wanted him to be able to receive the help and tools he needs while still having fun in the process. Jessie has an awesome ability to make Speech Therapy enjoyable for him. He looks forward to going every week, and we have seen him make amazing progress. Jessie is very knowledgeable in Speech Pathology, yet talks to me mom-to-mom, which I so appreciate. We would definitely recommend Jessie!"

~ L.D.

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