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Jessie Blois Speech and Myofunctional Therapy background


meet jessie
Jessie Blois, M.S., CCC-SLP, QOM, speech therapist and orofacial myologist in Los Angeles, CA

Jessie Blois, M.S., CCC-SLP, QOM®

Mindfulness & Business Coach
Podcast Host
Business Owner
Speech-Language Pathologist

Hi! I’m Jessie, and I am so happy you are here.  Professionally, I am a Mindset Coach, Business Consultant, Business Owner, Podcast Host, Qualified Orofacial Myologist (QOM), and Speech Language Pathologist (SLP).  Personally, I am a wife, mother, and self-care advocate.

My career has evolved over the past 15 years. By following my heart and intuition, I have been led to where I am today.

My passion for helping others is what originally got me started in the field of speech pathology.  When I saw that there was a need and an opportunity to provide better, more holistic care, I founded Fox Therapy Services.  It was then that I stepped into my new role as a business owner.


As I was embarking on my career and starting and growing my business, I also got married to my husband, Ben, and we had our two children, Adam and Sydney. While this time in my life should have been filled with joy and excitement, for many years, I was overcome by the emotions and struggle of growing a business, all while wanting to be present for my children, my marriage, and myself.


These experiences showed me my next passion, working with women and business owners on their mindset, as well as their personal discovery and growth.  No matter what course I took or what coach I worked with, it was not until I learned about who I am and why I act/feel/believe/do what I do that I was truly able to elevate my life and my business. 


If you are here, you are ready to take the next step in up-leveling yourself, your business, your life.  I am so excited for you and what is to come!

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