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Inner Work Coaching
with Jessie Blois


Being a woman means you are constantly juggling a variety of priorities and that you have many different roles in life.  This is overwhelming and often leaves us feeling like we are existing instead of thriving.  You deserve a life that feels like a hell yes! I will help you get there.  It starts with doing the inner work, discovering who you desire to be, and what healing and mindset shifts must occur for that to happen. This is where we Find Your Yes. Together, we will peel back the layers to discover who you authentically are so that you can feel peaceful, confident, and free.  

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Grow. Evolve. Transform.

Hi there! I am Jessie Blois. I am an inner work coach for women who want to feel whole, free, and abundant in all areas of their life.  No matter what part of your life you want to improve, the inner work comes first.  When we show up as our best selves, the benefits and beauty spill over to all other aspects of our life.

My goal is your success. As your coach, I will provide you with mindful, supportive, and transformational coaching. Using tools that fit your personality, goals, and lifestyle, we will work on healing limiting beliefs and triggers, releasing what no longer serves you, and inviting in what does. 

Calling all women, business owners, entrepreneurs, mothers, and those that want to heal and release past trauma, change their mindset, and fully step into the next part of their journey.


Find Your Yes


Sometimes as women, we get stuck in patterns that are not serving

our goals or authentic selves. That is where inner work coaching can help.

Find Your Yes is coaching that will guide you to align with what you desire,

understand what is holding you back, heal your pain, and discover self-acceptance and love. 

Are you ready to receive all that is meant for you?

You can have it all... love, abundance, joy, inner peace, and success.

Let's discover the life that makes you feel free and confident. Let's Find Your Yes.

power in persistence podcast


My passion for supporting and connecting with other women fuels this podcast. I invite you to join me each week to hear stories from successful women and purpose-driven entrepreneurs on how they persist through challenges, make space to celebrate their wins, and navigate this journey while also juggling their personal life, family responsibilities, and honoring their own well-being.

Listen to the latest episode

Kind Words

My experience with Jessie Blois was transformative in the best way possible.

" Jessie’s integrative approach allowed her to tailor the session to my specific needs and allowed for maximum emotional benefit."

"Just six months ago I was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer. Needless to say, it’s been an emotional whirlwind since that time and when I met with Jessie she helped me create and strengthen a positive, hopeful, future-oriented outcome I can reference as needed as I move through this emotional journey. I’ve noticed my negative intrusive thoughts have subsided since she and I met a couple of days ago. I am so grateful for this amazing gift! Thank you, Jessie!"

~ Kara Ranes, MFT, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist ~


Let's get started with coaching that is tailored to your life and desires...

jessie blois

As women, we play many roles.  Trying to do them all fully and presently sometimes feels like an impossible task. When we show up and take care of ourselves first, we are able to approach life in a meaningful, present way. 


But how do we do that? We start by learning about “why” we act, feel, and do what we do in the first place. Growth comes from seeing and accepting the things that make us who we are. Together we will work through these shadows to reprogram your brain. By refocusing and retraining thought patterns, you can release guilt and negative feelings and begin to see yourself in a more optimistic light, allowing yourself to grow into who you are authentically meant to be. And by finding self-acceptance and releasing control, you will discover your trust in the universe as it guides you to call in what you truly desire. 

How it works...

STEP ONE: Reach out by completing the form here.

STEP TWO: All coaching begins with an initial 60-minute intensive session via Zoom.

STEP THREE: You will make a commitment to transform your life by selecting the coaching package* that is aligned with your goals.

* I offer single sessions, packages of 3, or 2+ monthly commitments

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